Beauty secrets shared by Royalty and Celebrities

I am not into pop culture but it has been hard not to notice Kate Middleton, The Duchess of Cambridge, filling the column inches recently.  Her engagements in March alone have included a memorial service for the British troops, a visit to the Downton Abbey set and St Patrick’s Day celebrations. This ahead of the imminent arrival of her little royal no.2 due next month.

There is no denying that Kate is a bonnie lass and so when I read her pregnancy beauty secret, I was royally rapturous.  Kate uses Rosehip Oil to achieve that healthy glow she sports!

“Look – Rosehip Oil!” I exclaimed to hubby, pointing at my phone, “That’s what I got you to get me for Christmas.”

Now I am no beauty expert but if it is good enough for my favourite Royal it is good enough for me.

In my quest for a simple life I prefer using single ingredients from natural sources.  (Just take a look at the label on regular skin products – what is in that stuff?)  If I had to choose one ingredient for my face it would the ingredient known to repair, regenerate, smooth out fine line wrinkles, soothe acne and moisturise.  Drum roll….Rosehip Oil.

The brand I use personally is organically certified and carries the SOIL association kite mark.

2015-03-19 20.20.36

This is not the first time a celebrity has usurped my rustic beauty regime, and although flattered a little part of me resents the likelihood of demand surging and prices rising.

The other products in my beauty repertoire include coconut oil, a favourite of Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow enjoys relaxing in an Epsom Salt Bath.

For my (our) grey hairs I periodically rub Neem Oil through our hair at night.  Finally Tea tree oil which is such a workhorse.  It smells clean and can be dabbed on and about ad lib.

To gorge yourself on more of Kate Middleton’s elegant style pop over to Carly’s blog

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