Value People – Use Stuff

We call ourselves minimalists yet own more stuff than any self-respecting minimalist should.

Fortunately for us for the most part we live our lives without concern of conformity.  So, even as some would advise owning 100 items we strive to own what we need, find useful and/or brings us pleasure.

When I look around some of the lowest value stuff we own that brings the most frequent joy.  Such is our Italian Coffee Percolator, given to us as a gift for housesitting.  For the ritual of having a little’ly (espresso) bring us pure pleasure.  As a couple, it continues to bond us.  I can see the truth in claims that couples who share the same drinking habits are more likely to stay together.  Together Forever – One Life, Live It.


Another of the items we own is a small textured rug, given to us over a decade ago in South Africa by my eldest sister.  This rug has had many uses.  First as intended; a bath mat, then, to cover the front van seats of Bloubokkie and now as a mat in Sunny, our big yellow van, Man!  Many a time as my feet feel the texture beneath my heart feels the bond of our sisterhood.

In my cutlery draw lie a pair of excellent quality hand held peeler and spiralizer.  When I use these, particularly when a pile of veggies lie beneath my hands my thoughts turn to my second eldest sister.  Our bond lies, in running a business together and laughing together.  I remember the times when George had to sit between us to stop our giggling in meetings.

The scarf around my neck, the one I use on most walks was given to me by my mother and shields me from chilly winds just as mom stood up for me against the injustices that are part of boarding school life.


Despite our best intentions and two years of decumulating to accommodate our nomadic, adventurous, house sitting lifestyle we still battle against stuff and clutter.  It pleases me that a lot of stuff we have is not only of use but reminds me of the people we value.

As much as I do not want to be defined by what I own I hope for my heart to grow so that I can value people, whether I have a bond with them or not.  Value people and use stuff.